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How to: Study Every World Religion for Free, with Open Courseware

Religion is one of the more interesting fields of study to be in. With the vast amount of religions that exist around the world, being able to study them all can be quite a challenge. Additionally, studying religions can get quite expensive as education costs continue to rise. However, if you seize the opportunities given to you by the internet, and specifically the proliferation of open courseware, you can learn about religion - for free. This is a simple how-to guide for studying religion, online, without having to pay a dime.

First, you need to search for great free open courseware programs. MIT is a great place to start because they have the largest open courseware library currently available. In fact, one course offered through MIT is called Politics and Religion In this course you can study how religion and politics are intertwined today, and throughout history. This course offers a fascinating view into world religions.

In order to learn more about every world religion, you should go to Google. Any search for "religion" and "open courseware" should yield at least a few usable results. You can also take advantage of another huge open courseware project in the United Kingdom's Open University. Specifically, the Open University offers a course entitled, Religion today: tradition, modernity and change. This course has a curriculum that touches on a variety of religions around the world, and how changes in society today have affected religion.

Another way you can study religion online is by perusing some of the massive databases that exist. For example, has an extensive database that covers many facets of religion including communication, religious societies, cultural studies, pastoral care, counseling, and more. Another database that is excellent for the study of world religions is the World Religion Database.

So there you have some ways you can study World Religions for free, with open courseware. The internet is a powerful tool the important thing you have to know is how to use it correctly. With a little searching, you can drastically increase your knowledge without hurting your bank account.

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