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6 Essential Android Apps for Bible Study

God is everywhere, and now, He can be in your phone thanks to Android Apps for Bible Study. Here are 6 of the best apps to help you get closer to the divine. Why only 6? Well, on the 7th app, He rested.

  1. Touch Bible NET: A modern English Bible in your phone with over sixty-thousand study notes, this Bible will make it easy to study on the bus, at home, or at church. It even has a bookmark feature so you don’t lose your place.
  2. Selections from the Cherubinic: Writings from teachers of Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic and Native American traditions have been selected and translated by spiritual leaders to uplift and educate religious scholars.
  3. What the Bible Says About…: The Bible won’t be found in the Humor section of the book store, but it does have some funny advice on many everyday topics. This app has collected some of the most interesting verses.
  4. 101 Bible Contradictions: The Bible can create almost as many questions as answers. To be truly well-read in the Bible, you should know where people perceive contradictions, and then maybe you can help explain them.
  5. Great Doctrines of the Bible: These lectures on the Great Doctrines of the Bible were put to print in 1912 by William Evans, an American Bible teacher. He outlines the ten great doctrines of the Bible: God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Man, Savlation, The Church, Scriptures, Angels, Satan, and The Last Things.
  6. Bible Verses: At each touch of the screen, you’ll have a new Bible verse to inspire you. Like a word-a-day calendar, this app will help you learn and absorb Biblical information bit by bit, verse by verse.

Explore your faith by using these terrific apps today!

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